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Recently, someone on the #solr IRC channel asked me a question about using multiple filter queries in a request, while specifying a default for one of those queries in the solrconfig.xml. In this post, I’d like to talk about a simple pattern I’ve used in the past that solved the user’s specific goal, as well as a new Solr plugin I’ve written to try and solve a broader scope of similar use cases. …

The term “dismax” gets tossed around on the Solr lists frequently, which can be fairly confusing to new users. It originated as a shorthand name for the DisMaxRequestHandler (which I named after the DisjunctionMaxQueryParser, which I named after the DisjunctionMaxQuery class that it uses heavily). In recent years, the DisMaxRequestHandler and the StandardRequestHandler were both refactored into a single SearchHandler class, and now the term “dismax” usually refers to the DisMaxQParser….Clear as