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Lucid Imagination founder Marc Krellenstein kicked off the Lucene Revolution yesterday with a keynote address covering the history of search. Here are the slides, followed by some highlights:
Much as we might think of search technology as a 21st century internet thing, its back to when IBM was sued by the US government. By the early days of the Internet, search—Lycos, Infoseek, Excite, and Alta Vista–began to accelerate the virtuous cycle of requirements and innovation.
“Metadata is king!” Thus proclaimed Steve Kearns of Basis Technology, Platinum Sponsor of Lucene Revolution, at the start of this standing-room-only session on Day 1 of the conference. Why? Because it provides a way to enhance otherwise unstructured data with a considerable amount of structure.Here are the slides for this session.
With this premise in place, Steve discussed the use and integration of advanced analytics in the document-processing pipeline, focusing on the three levels
Sometimes the best way to explain what something is involves first discussing what it is not, and that’s the tack that Otis Gospodnetic used to open his Day 2 presentation “Search Analytics: What? Why? How” at Lucene Revolution, Day 1.Here are the slides for this session.
Search analytics” is not search engine optimization (SEO), nor is it exactly the same as Web analytics. Rather, It’s a complement to these functions; search analytics
As Josh Tuberville of eHarmony explained in the intro to his talk on Day 1 of Lucene Revolution “Jazzed about Solr: People as a Search Problem” (what a great double entendre the title of this session turns out to be! ), is a new offering from eHarmony, currently in the final stages of development.Here are the slides for this session.
“Jazzed wasn’t simply built with Solr. It was built around Solr.” The implication:
By definition, document boosting is anything but a “one size fits all” phenomenon, observes Tim Potter of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), in his talk on “Boosting Documents in Solr by Recency, Popularity, and Personal Preferences” on Day 1 of Lucene Revolution.Slides for this session.
Tim’s talk outlined a number of innovative and improved approaches to boosting documents in Solr by age and popularity. He also covered document filtering based on user preferences. For