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LucidWorks has now packaged the latest version of our LucidWorks Search as an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI). It’s available for free to anyone with an Amazon Web Services account and Amazon EC2 access. In this post, I’ll outline what this is about, what it can do for you and instructions on how to get it started.Our free AMI running LucidWorks for Solr offers the following benefits:
  1. A very straightforward way to get a
Working at Lucid Imagination gives me the opportunity to analyze and evaluate a great many instances of Solr implementations, running in some of the largest Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the smallest start-ups. This experience has enabled me to identify many common mistakes and pitfalls that occur, either when starting out with a new Solr implementation, or by not keeping up with the latest improvements and changes.Thanks to my colleague Simon Rosenthal
A popular feature of most modern search applications is the auto-suggest or auto-complete feature where, as a user types their query into a text box, suggestions of popular queries are presented. As each additional character is typed in by the user the list of suggestions is refined. There are several different approaches in Solr to provide this functionality, but we will be looking at an approach that involves using EdgeNGrams as part of the analysis…