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LucidWorks Enterprise 2.0.1 is an interim bug-fix release. We have resolved a couple of critical bugs and LDAP integration issues. The list of issues resolved with this updates are available here.DownloadYou can download the latest version 2.0.1 here.Install If you are running LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 or LucidWorks 1.8, you can use the upgrade scripts… and move to version 2.0.1.For those of you running LucidWorks Enterprise 2.0, you can now

The following is written with Solr users in mind, but the principles apply to Lucene users as well.

I really dislike the so called “Boolean Operators” (“AND”, “OR”, and “NOT”) and generally discourage people from using them. It’s understandable that novice users may tend to think about the queries they want to run in those terms, but as you become more familiar with IR concepts in general, and what Solr specifically is capable of, I …

Working at Lucid Imagination a customer once asked me about how they could modify the score of the documents in Solr in order to get most relevant results higher in the results list. While I was trying to respond the question I realized that there are too many different options, and that not all of them are very easy to understand, so I decided to write some notes summarizing the most common/most used ways to…
The next JavaMUG meeting is on December 14th 2011. Erik Hatcher from Lucid Imagination will be presenting at the event. He will talk about Apache Solr, its features and benefits. This will be an introductory Solr talk.Apache Solr serves search requests at enterprises and the largest companies around the world. Built on top of the top–notch Apache Lucene… library, Solr makes indexing and searching integration into your applications straightforward.Solr provides faceted navigation, spell
The first San Francisco Apache Mahout user meeting was held on November 29th 2011 at Lucid Imagination head quarters in Redwood City.  The 3-hour session hosted 2 talks followed by networking, food and drinks.Session topics -
  • “Using Mahout to cluster, classify and recommend, plus a demonstration of using scripts packaged with Mahout” by Grant Ingersoll from LucidWorks.
  • “How using random projection in Machine learning can benefit performance with out sacrificing quality” by
Last minute mention, in case you happen to be in the Central VA area (Richmond and surrounding areas) tomorrow night… I’ll be discussing Solr and the latest greatest techniques folks are using to work with Solr from Ruby.  The abstract blurb follows: “Erik Hatcher will discuss and demonstrate the state of the art with using Solr from Ruby. He’ll cover RSolr (and the forthcoming deprecation and removal of solr-ruby, RIP: solr-ruby), Sunspot, Blacklight, and other…