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This month’s Wired Magazine features a story on the roots of Hadoop at Yahoo and the three companies vying to drive its commercial frontiers farther forward faster: Hortonworks (Apache Lucene Eurocon Barcelona Keynote Video now available, see below), MapR, and Cloudera. MapR CEO John Schroeder sums it up:
If I can get a terabyte drive for $100 — or less if I buy in bulk — and I can get cheap processing power and network
ApacheLuceneEuroconLogoTransWith a near doubling over the prior year, Apache Lucene Eurocon Barcelona 2011 came to a successful conclusion this past week, featuring over 40 presentations reflecting the breadth, depth, and ambition of open source Apache Lucene / Solr search. Slides can be viewed here, as well as on 300 attendees converged on one of Europe’s most beautiful cities… for two days packed with use cases, implementation discussions, roadmap challenges, hard-won best
With another Lucene Eurocon successfully behind us (thanks Barcelona, you’ve been awesome!), it’s time to say hello to Vancouver for ApacheCon….  I’ll leave it to others to fill in the blanks on the Barcelona conference other than to say that I am continually amazed by the vibrancy of the Lucene/Solr community and especially grateful to all the committers and contributors who take the time to show up and give talks about how they leverage
To hear him tell it two weeks ago, Larry Ellison’s Oracle had everything you need for search technology; no need for that legacy search platform, Autonomy. In fact, Oracle and Mark Hurd had quite a few unflattering things to say about HP and that search technology acquisition.Now, it turns out, flattery may be part of the equation after all, in the form of imitation. Oracle today announced its intent to acquire the second-biggest …
You know your (technical) baby is (almost) grown up when the book on the project finally comes out.  Such is the case for Apache Mahout, thanks to Manning Publications shipping Mahout in Action… this week.Mahout in ActionSo, before I start into my review, let me first say congratulations to Sean, Robin, Ted, Ellen and Manning for producing such an excellent product.   The simplest praise I can give it is to put it on the same level
SHI in Germany – a Lucid Imagination Authorized Partner – will be hosting a webinar on using Solr for ecommerce.Jay Hill, Lucid Imagination Architect, will present and use examples from companies including eBay, Zappos (Amazon), and Sears .The webinar will be on 13th October 2011, at 4:00 pm CET/7:00AM PSTTo register please go to:…
Rod Cope from OpenLogic (and a Lucene Revolution 2010 alum) will be speaking via Webex at the IGTCloud Meetup in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, October 11, 201 at 5:30 PM.The title of his talk is “Real-Time Searching of Big Data with Solr and Hadoop”. It will cover OpenLogic’s use of Hadoop and Solr to handle millions of queries and terabytes of data, while delivering high availability through load balancing and replication.For more details…
Search is the circulatory system for knowledge. It excels at finding data and information, from which knowledge is constructed. Search can’t quite create knowledge—ultimately, that’s a human task—but it does help. Yet just as knowledge is not static, search must be more than a static search box.The best search ensures organizations constantly assimilate new ways of knowing and sharing as they assimilate more data. Of the various alternatives available, open source Apache Lucene/Solr search technology…

Today we’ll see a small workaround that can be used to accomplish a very common use case regarding geographic search.

The example use case is the following

The client is located in Buenos Aires and wants a purple tie

He enters the query “purple tie” in the search box from or store web page

The system returns the ties that can be purchased in the stores near Buenos Aires, and then in our stores in

If you’re running Apache Solr in production, you count on it to deliver solid performance and expect it to be up at all times. Even if you tested your setup with expected data and query load, things can go wrong. Solving those problems as they appear, not only causes service downtime, but is a very unpleasant task. Imagine sleepless nights trying to figure out why your production system went down with an OutOfMemory error. Similar…