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EuroCon is rapidly approaching.  I’m working on refreshing our Lucene training and updating it to Lucene 3.4.  Almost there!  As part of my effort I came to the (duh!) enlightenment that we really should be teaching this class by the book.  So, we’ve decided that all of the attendees of my “Lucene Application Development Workshop”  will be getting hard copies of “Lucene in Action”… (2nd edition) [sorry to weigh down your baggage for the
Lucene/Solr Over 100 open source search enthusiasts gathered at the SF Bay Lucene/Solr Meetup on September 22. We had a special honored guest – Lucene’s creator, Cloudera architect, and ASF Chairman, Doug Cutting – kick things off with some background on the inception of Lucene. What a treat to hear from Doug on Lucene’s 10th anniversary…! Robert Muir then provided a great overview of the killer improvements to Lucene expected in the 4.0 release including
New research by Aberdeen Group finds that as growing supplies of data meet the demand for actionable information, best in class organizations increasingly turn to search technologies; those using open source have cut their search costs in half.Tremendous forces are at work changing the landscape of data: cloud, cheaper compute cycles, ever more prolific communications, complex data structures and the storage capacity of big data technologies all have decision makers swimming upstream against an…
If you’re a search application developer or architect, if you’ve got big data on your hands or on the brain, or if you’ve got big plans for Apache Lucene/Solr, this announcement is for you.lucidworks_onlyToday marks the 2.0 release of LucidWorks…, the search platform that accelerates and simplifies development of highly accurate, scalable, and cost-effective search applications. We’ve bottled the best of Apache Lucene/Solr, including key innovations from the 4.x branch, in a commercial-grade
You might not know it, but not all the Lucene/Solr committers work at Lucid Imagination — and that’s a good thing.GoToCon AmsterdamSimon Wilnauer, chair of the Apache Lucene PMC, whom we work with often, has gotten together with some other community search activists to launch, a nice site with connections to great resources, including the folks at JTeam.You’ll see their developer conference, GoToCon…, is in Amsterdam October 14-15,  in case you
Somewhere in the soap opera that might be titled ‘As Hewlett Packard Turns’, the question of the impact of the Autonomy acquisition on the market once known as ‘Enterprise Search’ hasn’t gotten a great deal of explicit treatment….When we bump into people from commercial enterprise search software providers (a lot of them seem to be looking for jobs, sadly) the words we hear about Lucene/Solr are ‘it’s just a toolkit’, as though that
Want to find out what’s coming in Apache Lucene/Solr 4.0? Located in the San Francisco Bay Area? Then please join us on Thursday, September 22, 2011 from 6:30-8:30PM in Redwood Shores.This is a Meetup for developers who are currently using Apache Lucene/Solr, or anyone that would like to learn more about open source search.Agenda:“Improved Search with Lucene 4.0″ Robert MuirThis talk will describe how you can apply some of Lucene 4′s…
From a quiet start as a pet project to a giant in the industry, Apache Lucene is definitely the little (search) engine that could.  On September 18th, 2001 (at 16:29:48 UTC) Jason Van Zyl made the first official import of Doug Cutting’s Lucene project (which started in 1997 and was hosted on SourceForge) into Apache’s Jakarta project (check out the Wayback machine…).And while I wasn’t around in the beginning, I thought I would
One month from today we’ll be kicking off Apache Lucene Eurocon in Barcelona, and I will once again be in the hot seat for a session of Stump The Chump.During the session, moderator and former “Chump” Grant Ingersoll… will present me with tough Lucene/Solr questions submitted by users, to see what kind of solutions I can come up with on the spot. A panel of judges will award prizes for questions that “stump”
With the merging of Apache Lucene and Apache Solr into a single codebase, the release of Solr 3.4 brings with it a host of welcome improvements, introduced in the 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 releases over the past few months, that make search-related applications more powerful, faster, and easier to build.In this paper, you will learn about:
  • New search capabilities:  Solr 3.4 includes improved query support, including the ability to sort by function queries,