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This past weekend I presented yet another “Rapid Prototyping with Solr” presentation, this time back in the saddle with the No Fluff, Just Stuff symposium in Raleigh, NC…. I intentionally waited until the last minute to hack together a quick script to index some data I haven’t indexed before to demonstrate the ease at which one can grab Solr and immediately make some use out of it. This time around I cobbled together a
With the approach of Apache Lucene Eurocon in Barcelona in October, and Apachecon NA 2011 in Vancouver in November, it’s no surprise that the open source movers and shakers are out in force talking up some pretty cool new things in Lucene/Solr. This past week’s OStatic features a guest post entitled “Under the Hood in Apache Lucene 4.0″ by Simon Willnauer, recently installed chair of the Lucene PMC…, on the latest technical breakthroughs
melbsolrDown under? Then check out the first Melbourne area Solr Meetup on August 31 at 5:30PM. Hosted by our friends at Springsense/DiUS, this meeting will feature speakers including Craig Rees of Sensis and Arkadi Kosmynin of CSIRO (both Lucene Revolution alumni).For more details go to:…

Let’s install Solr as a service on Linux. I’m using Ubuntu 11.04

First download the latest version of Solr from (3.3 as of this writing):

Extract the compressed zip or tgz file to where you would like Solr to live.

Currently, I like using runit to run Linux services.

Install runit with: sudo apt-get install runit

Create a new service directory.

Create a new shell script called run in the new /etc/sv/solr directory.

If you’re in the central VA, or even in the northern VA / DC area, come join us for the inaugural “Charlottesville Solr and Lucene Meetup”…. Charlottesville is home to the co-authors of Manning’s “Lucene in Action” and Packt’s Solr “Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server” books. This area is a hotbed of search activity thanks to NGIC and DIA calling Charlottesville home, and the many gov’t subcontractors supporting them here. We are also home
This is part 11 in a (never ending?) series of articles on Indexing and Searching the data using Solr.When we left off last time, we had used a domain specific biasing function to improve the order of our results so popular Authors and Titles surfaced at the top of results. Today we’re going to look at using DisMax to make further improvements.(If you are interested in following along at home, you …